Virtual.Offis provides customers with dedicated and virtual servers. The range includes a simple web server, a 2-tier architecture, complex hosting solutions that require hardware load balancing or clustering and CISCO Global site selectors (GSS) are provided for customers who want seamless automated failover to a secondary data centre or for geographical load balancing.

Virtual.Offis works with systems integrators, application service providers and application developers to provide the required solutions for customers.  There is a clear delineation of roles and responsibilities, with our partner managing the functional aspects of the application.

A business with a secure, world class data centre located in Sydney’s CBD, offers incredible services ranging from ‘Dedicated Server Hosting’, ‘Complex Hosting Solutions’ to ‘Communication and Networking’ services with top of the range ‘Security’ and a ‘Try B4U buy’ program.

No matter what service you may require, Vitual.Offis allows for specific service tailoring, with over 99.9% uptime, to accommodate for many individual business seeking to leverage the latest in technology and improve efficiency without the need to invest in special infrastructure and training on required skill sets.

55 Pyrmont Bridge Road
Pyrmont NSW 2009

Telephone: +61 2 9776 2300
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