How it works

Processing payments and bookkeeping represent necessary but wasted time for tradespeople, salespeople and other mobile workers that could be better spent servicing clients. Mobbiexpress International automates these tasks by using the mobile phone infrastructure to connect a Windows Mobile PDA and optional portable micro-printer securely to its own back-office processing system.

Users download the Mobbiexpres software to any PDA running Microsoft Windows Mobile, turning it into a ‘cash-register in their pocket’ that accepts credit cards, cash, cheque and on-account payments. The Mobbiexpress solution automatically processes the payment and can provide immediate authorisation for credit card transactions.  A descriptive receipt can be issued on-the-spot from the micro-printer, or sent to the customer via email and/or SMS message. The system generates reports in realtime, anytime that can be sent to the user’s accountant.

Using Mobbiexpress means workers receive payment quickly without having to return to their office to complete administrative tasks leaving them free to concentrate on servicing customers. By allowing them to focus on their field work Mobbiexpress enables workers to generate more income in a day.

Have a look at a few of the presentations to give you an idea on how the Mobbiexpress Payment Solution can be applied to your business. If you would like, download the marketing video that was kindly prepared and supported by the Australian Technology Showcase.

Presentation Shows

Marketing Video